Thrust Areas of Research

Faculty of Arts

1. Department of Ancient History, Culture and Archaeology

► Historiography - Indian and Western

► Indian History and Connected Histories

► Historical Geography

► History of Science, Technology, Law and Medicine : Indian and Western

► Art and Cultural History

► Art and Archaeology of Religions

► Archeological and Textual Studies

► Ethnography and Archaeology

► Socio-Cultural Anthropology

► Political and Economic Anthropology


2. Department of Home Sciece

► Food and Nutrition

► Ayurvedic Treatment of Top Killers - Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Cardiac Arrest... through Proper Dieting and Naturopathy

► Extension and Communication

► Role of Home Traditions to produce outstanding professionals at every strata in Agriculture, Science, Technology, Medicine and Law


3. Department of Geography

► Environmental & Nature Studies

► Climate Change

► Natural Resources and their sustainable use for Rural Development, Agriculture, Health, Sanitation, Urbanization, Develpment

► Remote Sensing & GIS

► Gender & Development