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Moot Court

Moot Court Facility: In India the mooting culture started when Bar council of India organised the Bar council of India moot court in the year 1981. In 1985 learning through moot court became an integrated feature of Indian legal education. And from that time, mooting culture is being followed by Indian law institutes.

Moot CourtThe Faculty of Law, Nehru Gram Bharati (Deemed to be University) has moot court facility for its LL.B, B.A.LL.B students of Law as it is a part of their regular curricullum

The Faculty of Law, Nehru Gram Bharati (Deemed to be University) have organised an interactive moot court orientation program for its LL.B, B.A.LL.B students of Law to make them aware about various etiquette, intricacies, and technicalities of this science called as Mooting or in a simpler way we can say debating or Arguing. But don’t think that mooting just means debating or arguing, Mooting is a lot more. It is science, and art and a technique needed to learn by every law student, to inculcate the litigation culture and to become the best lawyer, from the 3 year and 5 year law course. In debate and argue you simply argue to win the situation in any possible manner sometimes by rm shouting. But In mooting you need to argue to convince the judge with proper proofs, by keeping your voice humble, and by following the mooting culture and manners.

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